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Inside a sensory vehicle facing front



For Dementia, Autism, Special Needs & Eldercare Centers, Schools, Hospitals

Sensory Equipment & Complimentary Room Design

Sensory Room Space Design
Multi-Sensory Rooms & Environments

No-fee consulting to help you design & build sensory spaces for your needs & setting. Save time and plan with ease.

Sensory Wall Murals
Beautiful Tactile Walls & Murals

Custom-designed, sturdy, hand crafted tactile walls/murals perfect for any setting. Very decorative & designed for touch!

Interactive Floor & Wall Panels

Touch and sound interaction. Programmable panels that play music when lighted areas are touched. Great for both stimulation & calming.

silver alloy with chain wall tile
Tactile Wall Panels & Tiles

Beautifully designed & engaging touchable tactile wall panels and tiles offer a variety of stimulating surfaces, shapes & textures.

Girls holding the giant purple bubble tube
Bubble Tubes & Bubble Walls

Programmable bubble tubes in a range of sizes of highest quality. Brilliant visual experience to stimulate, relax with sounds & vibration.

Projection Systems & Sensory Lighting

Full range of projections & lighting options for all sensory rooms & environments that stimulate, calm & educate.

ultra-violet fibre optic tactile wall panel
Fiber Optic Light Systems

Unique selection of colorful fiber optic lighting is safe to touch, engaging, calming & stimulating for a range of visual & tactile experiences.

Mobile Sensory Cart-Trolley
Mobile Sensory Carts

Sensory carts/trolleys for portable mobile sensory experiences. Pre-equipped or customized. Ideal to bring to bed ridden or immobile individuals.

OM Interactive Sensory Projector System
Motion Activated Projection System

Technology for captivating sensory experiences. Interactive, gesture-controlled empowering users to transform their environments.

OM Interactive Motion-Activated Projection Systems


OM Interactive’s motion-activated projection systems are award winning, groundbreaking and captivating. Omi projectors are the future of gesture-controlled, interactive technology empowering users to transform environments into multi-sensory experiences. 

  Brilliant Sensory Engagement for:

  CHILDREN See systems for kids with needs across the spectrum. 

  ADULTS See projectors for adults with dementia and in elder care.  

  GAMES Play a selection of sports games fun for all ages.  

Meet our new Budii. The OM Interactive system for at-home use!

The latest advance in VR technology is the only fully mobile, “single” projector system that simultaneously projects video on three walls and ceiling. Transform any room into a fully immersive, multi-sensory environment (without the need for VR headsets)!