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Multi-Sensory Rooms

Multi-sensory environments (MSEs), also known as multi-sensory rooms or sensory rooms,  are, as their name implies, spaces specifically designed to develop or control the senses for the benefit of those who use them.
They are created to be either calming and relaxing, stimulating and engaging, or a combination of both. 
They achieve this by enabling users to interact with or explore various components, appealing mostly to the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell, as well as movement.
The objects, materials, lighting and sounds used to create MSEs fit the particular goals and spaces they serve.
MSEs can be full rooms, partial rooms, mobile carts or even converted vans. They can be designed for individuals of all ages and abilities, and can be used independently or with a facilitator, teacher or therapist.
They can be of great help to people with sensory-processing disorders, cognitive and learning disabilities — from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to dementia — and physical limitations to help them make sense of and live more comfortably in the world around them.
MSEs are often found in schools, autism and day-program centres, health-care locations, including hospitals and doctors’ offices, and long-term-care and assisted living facilities.
We have also installed mullti-sensory environments in a wide range of places such as libraries, museums, courthouses, hotels, churches and sporting facilities.
We work with all clients to customize MSEs. We will ensure that they suit your needs and goals, always resulting in a pleasing and sensory-perceptive space!
We focus on unique, innovative and award-winning sensory products.
Many of our amazing, leading-edge and engaging sensory products are created and manufactured by Britain-based multi-sensory equipment design specialist Mike Ayres.
These include key components of multi-sensory spaces, from bubble tubes and bubble walls to custom-designed tactile wall murals and touch-activated sound and light panels.  
All of these creatively designed products are made of the highest-quality, durable materials and well-constructed for rugged use over many years.
Our company also specializes in distributing distinctive, state-of-the-art technologies that target the senses, such as OM Interactive (OMI’s) Magic Surfacean interactive, motion-activated projection system, and BroomX Technologies MK360 virtual reality projector, which creates a fully immersive experience without the need for VR headsets.
Our team offers “no-obligation” consulting and design services.
Since each sensory space has different goals, requirements and budgets our design team works with you to create an environment that best meets the unique needs of your users. You are under no obligation to purchase!
We provide excellent post-sales service and training. 
From start to finish, we’ll make sure your experience is the best experience it can be — all at no charge and with no obligation!!

Click into the slideshow below to see more examples of multi-sensory environments