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OMi Motion-Activated Projection Systems for Adults, Including Those With Special Needs or Dementia

OM Interactive (OMI)’s pioneering and award-winning gesture-activated projection technology is an amazing tool for adults, including those with special needs or dementia.  It encourages active participation and keeps users engaged. 
The system is so simple to use. Depending on the model, the projection system beams images, sounds and music from a wide variety of applications onto horizontal or vertical surfaces, including floors, tables, table trays, beds, walls and ceilings.
Users interact with the many lively applications, being transported on a variety of dynamic, engaging, stimulating and broadening journeys of discovery, and earning many cognitive, emotional, physical and social rewards. (The applications’ content can be personalized, adding another level of appeal for users)
​OMI’s projection system has brought many positive results when used in care settings, especially for those with dementia.
It helps to overcome many problems that some adults face, such as feeling isolated, mentally unchallenged  and being passive, rather than active.
Regularly involving adults in activities with powerful sensory stimuli that motivate mental engagement,  emotional participation, movement and social interaction can help in many ways. Users have reported:
Greater socialization, willingness to communicate
Obvious enjoyment and shared laughter
More flexibility and upper body movement/coordination
Sustained moments of lucidity and brightness
Improved relationships with peers and staff
Raised well-being levels and improved emotional stability
More motivation to stand up, stretch and physically participate
Greater opportunities to share personal stories
Families enjoy joint activities without the pressure of finding words
Can be a calming or stimulating activity with a wide choice of moods
Opportunity for home members to entertain, independent of staff.
Flexibility of floor or table use encourages greater physical engagement
More spontaneous singing!

Read the Research!

OM Interactive Research Study Summary

In Autumn 2018 OM Interactive commissioned Care Research to undertake an extensive research project to identify the use and impact of the OM Interactive Mobii system in a variety of care homes across England.

Research findings

We found 85% of respondents use their Mobii at least every week whilst 39% use it every day.

Encouraging Movement – for greater physical and emotional health
The Mobii gave residents a rewarding and purposeful approach to exercise and movement with over 90% of respondents stating they’d seen a positive impact on residents’ physical ability, participation and movements.
Emotional Wellbeing – encompassing emotional and psychological aspects of wellbeing.
The Mobii is an uplifting resource that creates a positive atmosphere. Smiles, laughter and enjoyment were consistently found with 75% of respondents believing the Mobii has helped their most withdrawn residents.
Reminiscence & Nostalgia – finding ways to feel a sense of belonging and familiarity
We saw many residents who began a session fairly uncommunicative become animated, talking about their memories and past experiences prompted by the Mobii activity. 92% participants reminisced during sessions.
Social Interactions – opportunities to socialise and reduce loneliness
We consistently observed the Mobii encouraging residents to become more social, often singing along and laughing with peers, staff and family members. 80% of staff agree it has provided more quality social time.
Sensory Responses & Interactions – providing enriching multi-sensory experiences
We witnessed residents respond positively to the high colour visuals, ‘painting’ and sweeping with tactile brushes, balls and batons. Staff commented on the effects of the calming music content for those anxious or distressed. 

The biggest vote of confidence? A whopping 96 per cent of respondents said they would “happily recommend” the Mobii to other care homes.

It's no wonder that OMI won the "outstanding dementia product" category in Britain's 2018 National Dementia Care Awards

See how people with special needs interact 
with the Mobii Magic Surface


Apps to Choose From:

boy with special needs playing with omi on table

Sensory Suite

All OMI system models come pre-loaded with the Sensory Suite, more than 300 applications, ranging from nature interactions to physical agility games, and mental stimulation activities to imaginative music content. The Sensory Suite is a treasure trove of stimulation, participation and engagement

woman reaching to touch omi projection on table

Care Suite

The Care Suite of 100 apps has been specifically designed to promote stimulation, engagement, relaxation and opportunities for shared enjoyment. The wide variety of apps include interactive quizzes that encourage discussion and help with memory and recall; nature scenes that include virtual water effects and therapeutic colouring; social games with increasing levels of difficulty that promote dexterity and joint efforts; and nostalgia themes and music to help memory and stimulate conversation

young adult playing soccer with omi on floor

Ball Games Suite

The optional Ball Games Suite features two versions of each of five games (one scoring, the other non-scoring). Games include rugby, football, basketball, air hockey and beachball

Examples of Different Apps


“We are delighted with the positive impact the Mobii system is having on our residents living with dementia, their families and our team members. The interactive nature, the great variety of activities combined with the ability to move the system to those who are less mobile makes it a truly person-centred resource.”
— Jackie Pool, Director of Memory Care 
and  Programming for Sunrise Senior Living UK
women and family member playing with omi tabletop
“We’ve found the OMi interactive floor reduces challenging behaviour, enhances motivation, it encourages communication, interaction and is also good for mobility and teaching cause and effect’.”
–Marinet Brennan, Senior Speech and  Language Therapist, Blackrock Abbey Nursing Home