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Sensory Space Ideas, News and Research

Sensory Equipped Room Spaces

The Science Behind Sensory Equipped Spaces: How It Affects Brain Function

Sensory room equipment has revolutionized therapy and educational environments, offering tailored solutions for individuals with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum
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Immersive motion activated projectors

Transforming Spaces: Exploring the Wonders of Motion-Activated Projectors

In a world constantly evolving with cutting-edge technology, motion-activated projectors have emerged as truly groundbreaking devices. Among the pioneers in
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Sensory Tactile Mural Design

Transforming Spaces: The Impact and Versatility of Tactile Wall Panels and Murals

In the realm of interior design, tactile wall panels and murals have emerged as transformative elements that not only enhance
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Sensory Room Cost Design

Sensory Spaces and Commercial Interior Design Innovation

In the ever-evolving realm of commercial interior design, a groundbreaking trend is gaining momentum – the integration of sensory spaces.
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Sensory Processing Disorder Girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder: Understanding the Benefits of Sensory Rooms

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a neurological condition that affects how individuals perceive and respond to sensory information from their
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How to Create a Mobile Sensory Room that Can Be Moved Among Spaces

For care providers, managing students, clients and patients – young or old – is an ongoing challenge. Providing sensory experiences
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