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Budii Interactive Projector System: Eldercare Activities for At-Home Use

Budii is a breakthrough interactive system for those with age-related, mental  or physical health issues.

Designed for table or floor projection, it delivers  activities that stimulate and encourage interaction.

Research-based evidence supports benefits to the eldercare community, from memory and cognitive stimulation to pure fun activities that also incorporate physical movements.

By responding to the smallest of movements, the system provides sensory stimulation. Improve your loved ones general wellbeing, emotional stability, sense of belonging while increasing physical energy and social interaction with family and friends.

meaningful activities • social • cognitive • physical • emotional

Budii Interactive Projector for Elder Care Table and Floor Projection
Clear, easy controls allows children to operate Budii independently.
Budii Projector System for Home Use
Budii comes pre-loaded with Sensory Suite, mounting brackets and manuals.

Budii high tech to use at home!

Budii offers our newest sensory projection technology designed for the elderly. This compact unit is modelled on our multi-award-winning OMi Motion-Activated Projection system that our SensoryOne team has expertly installed across the USA and Canada. The Budii requires simple, at-home wall mount installation.
It helps those with challenges in the following areas:
  • Dementia and cognitive decline
  • Communication and interaction
  • Social, emotional and mental-health difficulties
  • Sensory and or physical ability

Stimulating, calming and learning activities in the home supports users in the absence or complementary to  professional/institutional services. 

Interactive Activities

Provide elderly or cognitively challenged loved ones at-home technology for providing sensory stimulation with their own Budii! 

Elderly Woman Playing Projected Interactive Activity

Budii at home or in a community setting

Budii is versatile! It can be used independently or with the help of a care professional or a member of family – including grandchildren.

The wide range of activities supplied include: 

  • tranquil water scenes
  • coloring scenes
  • nostalgia recall
  • quizzes
  • revealing objects 


More energetic activities include: 

  • splatting moving objects
  • playing ball games
  • catching virtual objects
  • and more!

Games are competitive or for pure enjoyment. Budii supports physiotherapy and occupational therapy in a fun way and a useful way to pass time!


Interactive Activity Benefits

social skills-min
Social Interaction
physical development-min
Encourages Movement
emotional wellness-min
Emotional Wellness
Mental Games & Fun
Cognitive Stimulation

Explore all the fun of Budii at home

Budii Games & Activities to Explore

Budii Interactive Projector Ball Sports Games
Ball Games
Budii Interactive Projector Music Activity Games
Budii Interactive Projector Coloring Activity Games
Budii Interactive Trivia Activity Games
Budii Interactive Projector Immersive Experience Activities for Kids
Calming Experiences

The system is supplied with the Budii Care suite containing 120 carefully selected meaningful activities and is expandable to 500+. These activities have been developed in collaboration with experts in the Care sector over the past 17 years, and are embraced and endorsed by care and dementia professionals. Research findings show positive contributions in these areas:

Encouraging movement, improvements in emotional wellbeing, improved reminiscence through nostalgia, enhanced sensory responses and interactions.

Activity Screen for Budii Interactive Projector
The Budii Projector System menu makes selecting activities easy!

Project onto Horizontal Surfaces at Home

Table Projection

Floor Projection

Tent Projection

Project onto the floor, table, tent…even umbrella or wheelchair tray! 

The system can be mounted on a wall in any bedroom or a dedicated play / sensory room in the house. Using the bracket provided it can be mounted at any height between 1.4m and 2m.

The higher it goes, the larger the image on the floor. As a guide, at a height of 1.4m, the image will be 1.4m wide, at a height of 2m it will be 2m wide. It is advisable to install it away from windows or other sources of natural daylight.

For safety reasons we recommend the installation to be carried out by a professional tradesman – comprehensive instructions included in the product manual.