Sensory Rooms for Eldercare Settings

Seniors Sensory Spaces: Socialize, Stimulate and Calm

Omi Interactive Games Projector

Interactive Fun for Seniors

Go beyond bingo and card games when programming for your seniors. Whether for active lifestyle communities or higher needs eldercare settings, interactive, sensory stimulating activities add extra fun and value for residents. 

The OM Interactive projector delivers advanced sensory experiences with a variety of games and activities. 

Promote resident interaction, socialization, communication and fun! Exclusively from SensoryOne!


Immersive Virtual Reality for Seniors with the Broomx MK360

Imagine taking residents on trips they can no longer take. Whether swimming with dolphins or taking walks through cobblestone European towns. Beyond fun, leading medical and eldercare settings utilize the Broomx for treatment of mental health, neurology, palliative and geriatric care. The single camera system projects expansively across walls and viewers entire field of vision!

For All Eldercare Centers

Retirement Community Centers

Need new and engaging offerings to attract members. Our technology suites provide single systems & infinite possibilities.

Long Term Care

Interactive technologies like the OMi and Broomx provide cognitive and emotional support and stimulation for improved quality of life.

Seniors Living Homes

Infinite fun with interactive technology to take you anywhere and play virtually anything. Educational to simple games to pass time!

Encourages Cognitive & Emotional Interaction

VR Projection: Anywhere - Virtually

One of the the Broomx MK360’s virtual, immersive 4D projector’s greatest applications is in eldercare. 

Take your seniors group anywhere – virtually. From immersive roller coaster rides in theme parks or walking tours of Europe – earth is not even the limit. Physical mobility challenges often leaves seniors feeling like adventure and exploration is gone. Our virtual reality technology facilitates new discovery and adventure. Technology and innovation in your eldercare setting can be a key differentiator and improve resident quality of life. 

Exclusively in the USA & Canada by SensoryOne!