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OM Interactive Motion-Activated Projection Systems

OMi’s motion-activated projection systems are truly groundbreaking and captivating, representing the future of gesture-controlled, interactive technology and empowering users to transform their environments into complete multi-sensory experiences. 
Offered in a few different configurations, the projectors beam images, sounds and music from a wide variety of applications onto different surfaces, depending on the models. Users interact with the many lively applications, earning stunning visual and aural rewards and actively exploring worlds usually beyond their reach. These immersive, meaningful interactions bring many cognitive, emotional, physical and social rewards.
All models come pre-loaded with the Sensory Suite,” which includes more than 300 applications, ranging from nature interactions to physical agility games, and mental stimulation activities to imaginative music content. 
On top of that, there are additional specialty packages, including the  “Autism Suite” with more than 200 applications targeted to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the “Care Suite,” with 50-plus applications offering  a diverse selection of meaningful person-centred activities for older adults, and the “Ball Game Suite,”: which offers 10  games. 
All systems can be upgraded to make apps more customized, allowing users, for example, to upload additional images, videos and music that are of particular meaning to them.

Click below to learn more about particular users of OMi's systems:

Those with learning disabilities, age-related diseases, mental-health issues or other physical or other health concerns need opportunities to actively take part, rather than passively watch; think and be challenged; and socialize and enjoy activities with others

Interacting with the OMi systems has many benefits:

*stimulates mental, physical, emotional and social engagement
*maintains and improves neurological pathways, language and communication skills
*boosts physical effort, energy, ability and coordination
*improves emotional stability, mood, outlook and sense of self-worth and belonging

Choose Your OMi Motion-Activated Projection System:


The omiVista comes in two models, the Install Interactive mounted on the ceiling and the Mobii Magic Surface (also called the Mobii )  which is completely portable. Both can project onto horizontal surfaces such as floors and tables. The portable version is the most versatile of all systems; it can also be moved to beam projections onto tray tables and beds. 

omiVista Install Interactive Floor/Surface

omi install on ceiling

OmiVista V3 Mobile Interactive Floor/Surface Projection System


Transform any wall into a gateway of interactive adventures with the omiWall. By harnessing the power of projection technology, omiWall creates captivating and dynamic images directly on the wall.

Interactive wall projection allows users – children and adults alike – to engage with the projected activities through touch, making their playtime truly magically immersive.

Compatible OMi Games are a great enhancement for the omiWall system. 

omiWall Interactive Wall Projection

OMi Wall Interactive Wall Projector

omiSky Interactive Ceiling Projection

This model  is installed on the wall and projects onto ceilings. It offers the option of creating mirror images that appear on the ceiling while the app is playing

girl lying on floor interacting with omi on ceiling

Applications menu (left) and remote control (right) for the OMi systems

omiVista menu of apps or activities
*Simple visual menu screen
*Easy navigation
*Instant app selection
*Color theming
*Notes and tips displayed
remote control for omi interactive projection system
*Simple ON/OFF power
*UP/DOWN arrows to navigate
*OK to select an app
*Freeze button to halt interaction
*UP/DOWN volume control

Increase engagement with projections using optional accessories activity kit!

One way to enhance the experience of interacting with the motion-activated projections is to dig into an optional activity kit, a  goodie bag filled with accessories. Consisting of paint brushes, balls, bean bags and soft fabric batons, any of these items can be used with a wide variety of applications.
For instance, users can turn a variety of images, including flowers and butterflies, from black and white into vivid colors with some swipes of the accessory paint brushes.
They can toss a bean bag onto an egg and watch it crack open, or throw consecutive bean bags onto an underwater target and add up the points each time  a number is hit.
An accessory baton can be used to break up and scatter a school of fish, or to swipe correct answers to an application filled with quizzes. The accessory ball can be pitched onto a xylophone to make various sounds  as different keys are hit.
As you can see, the kit accessories can be used in many ways. 
 Let your imagination and creativity run free!
activity kit for omi interactive projection system