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Projectors are one of the most basic and versatile pieces of equipment used for multi-sensory experiences.  Moving images can be beamed onto a wall or,  with the use of rotating prisms and mirrors, around a whole room. Images can be projected onto  very small areas, such as a brolly (see below) to create  focal points, for example, for visual cause and effect. Projectors can also be used to create themed areas, setting a mood, say, to encourage relaxation. They can also help to promote numeracy work, literacy work and story-telling.

Mathmos Space Projectors

silver small room projector
This is an economical alternative to the Opti Sensory and Solar projectors with liquid wheels. It is ideal for home use, in small rooms or as a portable piece of equipment to use with the projection brolly (below).
It can be used with a Switch2 control unit and is powered by 240 volts with a separate 12v transformer.
All seven coloured oil wheels are available separately. The different oil wheels are very easy to change.
Choose your wheel colour for the Mathmos projector above
examples of coloured wheel projections

White Projection Brolly

child smiling under broiley with projected scuba diver
The White Projection Brolly is a portable instant projection screen. 
Any kind of image can be projected onto it. It is particularly useful for viewing at close range. It is also suitable for peope who have restricted fields of vision.

3-D Laser Star Projector

3D star projector
image projected by 3D laser star projector
The 3-D Laser Star Projector beams a wonderful night sky effect onto walls and ceilings.
A cluster of misty, blue clouds drifts around while bright green stars streak across the sky. 
 The projection covers a large area, needs no set-up and works well for night-time or space themes, as well as for relaxation

Aura Projector

aura light projector
The new (Opti) Aura Projector has been  specifically designed as an affordable piece of equipment for your home or a  small therapy room. 
It can be pointed in any direction, even onto the ceiling, offering wonderful projected effects. Its contemporary spherical design will look attractive in any room.
The Aura has a dimmer and on-and-off timer capabilities.
The Projector comes with one six-inch effect wheel of your choice that fits easily onto  the integral wheel rotator.. There are more than 200 effect wheels, including magnetic ones, to choose from. 
The projector also comes with a table and wall mount with fixtures and fittings. 
Additional wheels are available for separate purchase.

Opti Sensory 100 LED Projector

wheel light projector
This is the smallest, quietest, safest and most economical “bright” light effects projector. 
It was designed for multi-sensory effects projection in smaller therapy rooms and private homes.  
The light for this projector is supplied by a 1,400 lumen, energy- efficient 20W LED module that lasts for more than 100,000 hours. It has a high colour temperature, concentrated through Optikinetics’ unique optical system, for truer colour projection and better image clarity than any other comparable projector on the market. 
A wheel or cassette is required to attach effects to the Opti Sensory 100 Projector.. 
 1 x Solar 100 projector
1 x 1/2 rpm wheel rotator
3 x 6″ pattern or early learning effect wheels

Opti Sensory LED Projector

Opti Sensory LED projector
This new LED projector is as bright as the original Solar 250. It is also much cooler, quieter, weighs less and its lamp never needs to be replaced,.
A wheel or cassette is required to attach effects to this projector, which has a unique feature: sockets enabling you to plug in switches to turn the image on and off, and start and stop the rotation of the effects wheel. 
There are a wide array of wheels, cassettes, lenses and attachments to choose from, giving this projector a range of uses.