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OMI Motion-Activated Projection Systems for Children

OM Interactive was the first company to introduce interactive projections for sensory education. OMI  continues to lead  the way in creating inclusive multi-sensory spaces for children at all levels, including those with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, that encourage active engagement. 
The philosophy is: Every child should have the opportunity to influence and interact with their environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.
 That philosophy has taken OMI’s systems into a variety of settings for children, including schools, hospitals and community and other centres.
OMI’s applications transport children from fields to mountains, from ocean depths to outer space, and even on time travel. These interactive motion-activated projections offer children transformative journeys of discovery.
Interactions with the projected applications offer many benefits, including::

*Stirring the imagination
*Encouraging active participation
*Motivating and inspiring with engaging content
*Stimulating physical and mental development and language skills
*Empowering individuals to take control of their environment
*Creating an inclusive learning environment
*Increasing group collaboration and problem-solving skills
*Providing opportunities to socialize and collaborate
*Offering instant rewards
*Removing barriers to learning

System Applications: Journeys of Discovery

3 boys playing on floor with omi's motion-activated projection

Sensory Suite

All OMI system models come pre-loaded with the Sensory Suite, more than 300 applications, ranging from nature interactions to physical agility games, and mental stimulation activities to imaginative music content. The Sensory Suite is a treasure trove of stimulation,participation and engagement
boy sitting on omi's floor projected image

Autism Suite

Optional additional application packages include the Autism Suite, with more than 200 applications targeted to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They are arranged in levels, showing clear progression of skills.
Person playing ball game with feet on projected floor image

Ball Games Suite

The optional Ball Games Suite features two versions of each of 10 games (one scoring, the other non-scoring). Games include rugby, football, basketball, air hockey and beachball.

Groundbreaking technology like the OMI systems can be transformative tools for kids

Children using the omiReflex system

adult and child's mirror image on wall using omiReflex
boy's mirror image on wall using omiReflex

Children using the omiVista system

children stepping on omi's floor xylophone projection
children on floor with omi's projection of red items
children playing with omi's projected water scene

Children using the omiSky system

man interacting with omi's ceiling projection
room with omiSky's projected ceiling apps