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Mobile Sensory Carts/Trolleys

Sensory carts or trolleys are versatile and portable resources. You can buy ready-made kits or create your own!
They can be used anywhere as additions to sensory rooms or spaces already set up, or as standalone units to use when you are short of space or need to be able to move around.

On their own, these specially made trolleys can be turned into   complete sensory resources or rooms!
You can choose between ready-made kits we have designed or fill a trolley with whatever sensory products or equipment you want to include.
Then wheel the trolley into a room or space, apply the brakes, plug it into a 13-amp socket and it’s ready to go!
When finished, just unplug it, bundle everything onto the trolley and off you go!
The trolley can easily pass through any doors, turn on its own axis, and be used indoors or outdoors.

Design and features of the cart

 *Size: 58 centimetres (22.8 inches) wide x 100 cm. (39.4 inches) long x 110 cm. (43.3 inches) high (183 cm. (32.7 inches) high with the support frame
*Two excellent brakes on the back wheels 
*Space for sound system and speakers 
*The whole trolley plugs into one 13-amp socket
*Six 13-amp sockets on the trolley to plug in switch control units, a sound system or any other equipment
*Space for one-, two- and four-channel Switch2 control units, manual or radio remote, in whatever combination you want. (These units can be used on the trolley or be taken off and used anywhere.)
*Four deep and two shallow removable resource trays.(The trays do not slide about when the trolley is in transit) 
*Shelf for instruction manual 
*Three shelves to put equipment on when in use or in transit 
*Support frame for suspended equipment. (This will support projectors, pin spots or any other lights). It is removable, for transportation and storage
Sensory cart trolley with child wall projection

Create your own trolley

If you do not want to choose one of the ready-made trolley kits below, you can create your own!

Order a trolley, a support frame and a sound system. Then add whatever control units and equipment you want to have to customize the kit to fill your needs.
You can, for example:select items from among our products or have a look at our catalogue.
Combine items you already have  with new equipment.
Order a ready-made kit and add to it.
​Pick one of our four ready-made kits, buy one and customize it or design one of your own

Let's get rolling: Take your pick of ready-made kits

sensory cart trolley kit A


This is a basic kit that includes the support frame and bracket, four resource trays, sound system, Switch2 control system, and an Opti LED Projector with set of five pattern wheels
sensory cart kit B


This kit includes all of Kit A plus a wider range of Switch2 controls and switches. Kit B also has an Easy Switch LED fibre optic unit, torches and a projection brolley.
sensory cart kit c


This is a comprehensive kit including all of Kits A and B, with the addition of UV blacklight equipment. Kit C also includes a
black projection brolley, portable mirror ball, pinspot with colour wheel and more switches.
sensory cart trolley kit D


This kit includes all of the equipment included in A, B and C, and expands the opportunity for creative visual and audio work. Kit D includes an extra two-channel Switch2 control unit, sound effect CDs and more projection equipment.

Bubble Tube for Sensory Trolley

sensory cart with bubble tube
Sensory products expert Mike Ayres has designed a large and safe bubble tube to go into the sensory trolley.
 It is positioned where its full height can be seen and touched, and  has a mirror behind. It’s available as an  Easy Switch and Switch4 interactive version.
The trolley still accommodates all of the equipment. (Unfortunately the bubble tube cannot be retrofitted to an existing trolley).