Sensory Rooms Supporting Special Needs

Sensory Spaces for Special Needs Individuals

Woman and child in bubble tube mirrored corner

Physical & Developmental Barriers

Go beyond bingo and card games when programming for your seniors. Whether for active lifestyle communities or higher needs eldercare settings, interactive, sensory stimulating activities add extra fun and value for residents. 

OM Interactive projectors delivers advanced sensory experiences with a variety of games and activities. 

Promote resident interaction, socialization, communication and fun! Exclusively from SensoryOne!


Immersive Virtual Reality for Seniors with the Broomx

Therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that provides students with special needs with personalized sensory input—helps these children calm and focus themselves so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with

Ideal in Special Needs Settings for Adults & Children

Children's Therapy Centers

Ideal in settings for those with physical and/or developmental disabilities and/or communication disorders. Technology for infinite possibilities.

Teaching Environments

Stimulating cognitive function with sensory technology and equipment to build out spaces for intellectual stimulation & engagement.

Mobility Challenges

Virtual worlds have no limits. Interactive technology to take special needs individuals far away- whether a vacation destination or galaxy.

OmiVista Mobii: Interactive Stimuli for Adults with Special Needs

Interactive Play for Special Needs

Our interactive projector systems bring a universe full of fun alive for children with special needs.  

Activities and games are endless, from exploring outer space to musical adventures to sports. Traditional barriers of physical and mental disabilities are often removed with a variety of applications suited to different levels of function. We’re improving quality of life for kids via stimulation, engagement and fun!  

Exclusively in the USA & Canada by SensoryOne!