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Fibre Optic Lighting

Fibre-optic lighting can be a key component of any multi-sensory room or experience, offering a range of opportunities for both visual and tactile stimulation.
​Handling these radiant strands of light is completely safe. 
These colourful, sparkling strands of light have a very calming, relaxing and engaging effect on those who interact with them. This is especially beneficial for those with special needs. It’s no wonder that they are widely found in hospitals, schools, therapeutic and care facilities. 
There is a variety of fibre optic lighting options available, all completely controllable and taking full advantage of the latest in LED technology.
Here’s an easy guide to help you choose the lighting that will best meet your needs:
Includes the very brightest and most controllable LED light source available.

Fibre Optic Sideglow Kits

These portable kits are revolutionary in their use of fibre optic lighting for sensory learning. They are often used on sensory carts in multi-sensory environments, or can easily be moved around to other locations in a facility.
These are a new generation of controllable light sources, taking full advantage of LED technology. The lights are brighter, quieter, smaller, cooler and offer more complete control  than previous versions.
The lights come in eight colours, which are very bright and true. The colours can be changed in a variety of ways using a variety of switches, which do not necessarily have to be a Mike Ayres design.  As they are switched, the colours fade into each other so that there are no sudden and disturbing flashes of light when they transition.  
The kits can be programmed seven different ways, offering a variety of modes. 
The light strands, also known as sideglow tails, come in a variety of thicknesses. Traditionally, they are made of glass filaments sheathed in plastic.
But those created by sensory product design expert Mike Ayres do not use any glass. Instead, the purely plastic tails are much more durable, and less easily damaged if pulled or chewed.
The kits can be programmed seven different ways, depending on the type of switch used. The bulb lights never need to be replaced. 
The kit box size is 26 x 21 x 13 centimetres, excluding the sideglow tails.
There are three varieties of  tails to choose from: standard, jumbo and bamboo.
The standard tail is 200 centimetres long (about 16 feet), and has 180 strands.
The jumbo tail is also 200 centimetres (about 16 ft) with 15 x 8-centimetre (3.15 inches) diameter tails, offering a great tactile experience.
The bamboo tail is also 200 centimetres long,(about 16 feet) and has 15 x 8-cm (3.15 inches.) diameter tails with knuckles — thick, tough, transparent strands that offer even more texture.
person in hammock chair with fibre optic lights

Fibre-optic "sideglow" kit in action

red fibre optic strands

A sideglow kit

3 different sizes of fibre optic strands

The three varieties of sideglow tails to choose from: standard, jumbo and bamboo

Fibre Optic Curtains

adult and child in doorway with fibre optic strands
These can be used in an entrance, to create a room division or as a feature in an activity area.
Fibre optic tails create a gently changing and moving curtain of light, which you can touch or even walk through.
The fibre optic curtain is available in a large variety of widths and lengths.

Fibre Optic Showers

ceiling mounted fibre optic strands
Similar to the curtain, the fibre optic shower is suspended from the ceiling. 
It has a 45 centimetre(18 in.) diameter and a 190-cm(75 in.) in length.
It’s ideal for creating an impressive feature within a room.

Fibre Optic Cascade Box

wall mounted fibre optic lighting
Dropping from an attractive, wall-mounted box, 180 strands of light cascade to the floor in a waterfall of ever-changing colours.
The light glows through strands of translucent plastic that you can handle.
The box offers a very relaxing visual effect, opportunity for interaction and engagement for people including those with profound difficulties.

Sparkle Cloud Panel

fibre optic clouds mounted on ceiling
Suspended from the ceiling, this 145 x 120-cm(57 x 47 in.) vivid cloud shape has 200 points of gently changing coloured lights poking through, creating the vision of a galaxy of stars.
In large areas, you can combine basic clouds without lights and sparkle clouds to create different effects.

Fibre Optic Flower Panel

fibre optic flower wall panel
This attractive and relaxing visual panel offers gently changing coloured radiating rings of fibres that have the lightness and appearance of blooming flowers.
It has a switch which allows you to stop the drifting colour change at any time.
This beautiful panel will enhance any sensory room or chill-out space, and provide a visual feature to any room.

Fibre Optic Light and UV Tactile Panel

ultra-violet fibre optic tactile wall panel
This panel offers a strong combination of tactile and visual experiences by intermingling 200 points of brightly coloured lights, fluorescent elements and various textures