Gaming Sensory Rooms with Interactive Projection for High Child Engagement

Children Playing Motion Interactive Sensory Projector

When building a sensory room for children there are a wide variety of items that you can include that will help engage, relax, destress and stimulate. One such tool is an interactive sensory projector system. This modern technology can help children interact with and learn from their environment through exploration, movement and collaboration. The rewards that children of all ages, abilities and sensory needs can experience from using a gaming sensory room will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

At SensoryOne, we offer OM Interactive sensory projector systems across North America. Our experts will review applications and games suitable for your intended group – ideal for children and elderly groups.

Many benefits of a sensory projector system

Sensory projectors are a relatively new technology that blend visual cues with physical engagement in order to create a beneficial sensory environment that is catered towards the individuals looking to use it.

OMI Vista Interactive Sensory Games

Stimulate the brain and body

The images, programs and games projected on an interactive projector encourage children to both physically and mentally engage with the experience. With a responsive system that responds to all movements big and small, kids will quickly learn the effect that their participation can have on their surroundings.

Encourages learning

A sensory projector system makes learning fun, even for children who struggle with learning delays, disabilities and differences.

Improves socialization

Projector systems encourage children to work together in order to engage with whatever image is being displayed. Multiplayer games and team challenges encourage kids to socialize and play together to reach a common goal.

Encourages both independent and collaborative play

The interesting and immersive games and activities can be catered to both individuals and groups of kids.

Geared towards engaging atypical and special needs children

With a variety of different activities and programs available, sensory room leaders can cater the offerings to the children they would like to entertain and engage.

Benefits mental and emotional health

Having a space in which they feel comfortable and accepted can help children to gain a sense of belonging and improved self-worth. This can lead to improved moods and increased emotional stability.

Benefits of creating a gaming sensory room for high child engagement

A gaming sensory room often involves using an interactive projector to create a stimulating and immersive experience that will have many positive effects on the day to day lives of those using it. A gaming sensory room has many benefits for its visitors including:

  • Stimulates the imagination
  • Encourages children of various abilities and backgrounds to work and play together
  • Calls for active participation
  • Promotes physical and mental development
  • Improves language and communication skills
  • Provides engaging and stimulating content
  • Promotes the development of problem-solving and collaboration skills
  • Allows children to control their immediate environment and experience instant rewards
  • Offers opportunities for socialization that are specific to each child’s abilities
  • Improves gross and fine motor skills
  • Encourages families to play together and get to know each others needs, without pressure
  • Can offer both calming or stimulating activities

OMi projection systems are a winning choice

The OMi brand of projection system offers a variety of options that are easily adapted to the space being used, and the people looking to use it. The incredibly responsive projections are perfect for both groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. With built-in applications and themed suites of games and programs, the OMi system is an excellent option for those looking to build a sensory gaming room.

Depending on the area you are looking to outfit with a projection system, you have a few options to choose from:


Available in both mounted and portable models, the omiVista projects images onto horizontal surfaces like floors and tables. Choose the Install Interactive model if you intend to mount the projector to the ceiling and won’t be moving it around. The Mobii Magic Surface is the most versatile model available as it can be moved around as needed and can even project onto small spaces like beds and tray tables.


The omiReflex is also available in mounted and portable models, however this version projects onto vertical surfaces like walls and drop-down screens. This model can allow users to upload their own sounds, images and videos which brings in another level of interaction for the user. Another interesting benefit to the mobile version of the Reflex, the Mobile Interactive model, is that it can connect to game consoles like Apple TV, Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect.


As you may guess from the name, the omiSky projects onto the ceiling. Installed on a wall, this model projects a mirror image of the users on the ground onto the ceiling, while an app projects an image alongside them. Kids are then able to interact with the projection while looking up from a comfortable seated or laying position.

An interactive gaming room is the ultimate sensory tool

For those children who will benefit from using a sensory room, an interactive gaming room is the next level of support. A projection system can help both children and adults overcome many challenges, while engaging in their world in a manner that they feel comfortable with.