Seeing is believing: Check out this demo of OMI’s Mobii Magic Surface!

If seeing is believing, please tune into the video below to learn all about truly groundbreaking, innovative and inspiring technology called the Mobii Magic Surface, or Mobii for short.

We have put together a complete demonstration of this unique interactive motion-activated projection system, one of several models from OM Interactive (OMI).

The video below shows the many benefits that residents of long-term-care homes derive from interacting with this novel technology and its accompanying applications.

In this video, you you will learn:

  • How easy it is to use this portable system
  • How to make the most of the many different kinds of activities offered
  • How engaged users are, and how rewarding that engagement is for longterm-residents, including those with severe dementia
  • How the Mobii improves intergenerational family visits and staff rapport
  • How empowering it is for users to transform their environments into total multi-sensory experiences!
  • You will also hear testimonials from long-term-care homes whose residents have experienced the many physical, cognitive, emotional and social benefits that this novel technology provides. Please see for yourself to learn the many rewards that the Mobii Magic Surface has to offer!