Take advantage of SensoryOne’s ‘concierge service’

OM Interactive’s motion-activated technology is packed full of features that make this interactive device all the more engaging, beneficial and easy to use for seniors, including long-term-care residents and community program participants.

To help you better take advantage of all of the system’s compelling features, SensoryOne now offers what we call our “concierge service.” It’s our way of helping you to personalize this technology and package its programming to suit your needs, making no additional work for your already time-crunched staff.

While other systems come with a limited number of applications, OMI’s groundbreaking and award-winning technology (including the most popular Mobii Magic Surface model) offers hundreds of applications, ranging from nature interactions to physical agility games, mental stimulation activities to imaginative music content. Also on offer is a “Care Suite” targeted to older adults, including those with dementia.

The choice is huge, but the system offers the ability to sift through the applications to create different “folders” of pre-set programming that may be targeted to individuals or groups of users, or types of activities.
For instance, you could create a folder full of popular “splat” games that are fun, engaging and encourage strong social connections. 

Or maybe you want to trigger memories for a particular user. You could create a folder including photos of that person’s family and friends, fellow residents and staff, special celebrations attended and familiar local landmarks. Such therapeutic content brings many positive emotional benefits.

Interested in creating such content but don’t have the time to devote to putting it together? That’s where we come in.

With the concierge service, when you purchase an OMI interactive, motion-activated projection system, we’ll do the work for you.

Just tell us what themes you want, what kind of material you’d like to include, and how long you want the contents of a folder to run, and we’ll pick and put in the right applications for you. 

Want to make a folder with special meaning? Send us the photos, videos, music and other content you want included, and we’ll have it ready for you in no time. 

As easy as this technology is to use, it can be made even easier. In fact, it can actually operate on autoplay, meaning there is no need for employees, who are already facing so many overwhelming challenges, to be on hand to run a session.

No work for you or your staff, but lots of beneficial play for users!

And you can be sure that those who interact with OMI’s motion-activated systems will be transported on dynamic, captivating, stimulating and broadening journeys of discovery.