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​At SensoryOne we offer the best in multi sensory equipment. Glimmering Fiber Optics, beautiful Bubble Tubes, passive and interactive Projection Systems and so much more.

Our services are available to help you determine the best choices for your space. Our specialized consulting will guide you whether you are creating a sensory stimulation zone, calming environment or a combination of both.

Projectors and light effects, fiber optics
​"The Invisible Keyboard in Space" allows physically and/or mentally challenged to create and play music with even the slightest movement.  AWARD WINNING
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Our qualified team of experts are available to work with you from the beginning planning stages, design, and implementation of equipment. Sensory Rooms evolved from the Dutch concept for a calming/stimulating space. They are used in schools and othe facilities that cater to children with special needs such as Autism.   

Long term care and retirement homes have embraced the need for sensory tools for seniors.  Dementia and Alzheimer's patients can derive tremendous benefit from multi sensory rooms.
A Safe Rebounder for all ages...
Bubble Tubes
Sensory Carts
Design your sensory to be mobile
A Division of Xlent Care Products
Uses for sensory rooms and equipment include: education curriculum work, sensory integration, relaxation, reminiscence work, development, communication skills, drama, exploration of the senses, creating a quiet space, pain relief, massage and aroma therapy, counselling and assessment.
Motion activated experiences for sensory and learning environments
Bubble Tubes
A great variety - small, med, large, giant & ultra giant bubble tubes