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Mike Ayres Design Wall Murals & Tactile Panels
All Mike Ayres wall murals are individually custom made.   The creativity and workmanship are of a quality that you have not seen.  They are designed to offer rough and smooth, soft and hard, warm and cold, angular and curved, embossed and impressed, rigid and flexible, fine and coarse, linear and meandering, regular and random, absorbent and reflective.
We will work with you to fit a mural into your area of need.  To get an idea of the different possibilities look at the photo gallery below.    We can quote on a particular type of mural once we have information on the space and funds you have available.
octopus wall murals for kids
Wall Tiles
314 Puddle Texture #1
315 Puddle Texture #2
316 Puddle Texture #3
317 Puddle Texture #4
320 Puddle Texture #7
318 Puddle Texture #5
Puddle Mirror
Mike Ayres Design Wall Tiles and Murals are like nothing else your have seen before!
The 16 X 16 in squares have special fixings that enable them to be attached to any wall and be changed around from time to time. They are designed to be very robust, offer good tactile contrast and look attractive; individually and in groups. 
Black Flock, Waves
Red Half Round, Blue
Alloy - Purple Cord
Yellow Rope - Mirror
Blue Fiber - Wood Rings
Color Domes, Brown Strands
Brown Fiber, Orange Stripe
Purple Fabric, Dimples
Red Cushion, Grass
Red Domes, Black Mat
Waves, Silver Domes
Silver Chain, Orange Cord
Red Half Round, Blue
Soft Domes, Green Cord
Yellow Chain, Silver Domes
Wall Panels
Another choice for tactile options are the standard wall panels.   There are 6 exciting panels to choose from, beautifully designed, well made.  These panels are approx 57 X 47 inches 
Yellow Rope,
Very Tactile Caterpillar, large or small