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OMi Motion Activated Projection Systems for Adult/Elder Care
‘We are delighted with the positive impact the Mobii system is having on our residents living with dementia, their families and our team members. The interactive nature, the great variety of activities combined with the ability to move the system to those who are less mobile makes it a truly person-centred resource’.
Jackie Pool, Director of Memory Care 
& Programming for Sunrise Senior Living UK
We’ve found the OMi interactive floor reduces challenging behaviour, enhances motivation, it encourages communication, interaction and is also good for mobility and teaching cause and effect’.
Marinet Brennan,
Senior Speech & Language Therapist, Blackrock Abbey Nursing Home
This Suite has been specifically designed to be age appropriate whilst including all of the important elements necessary for Apps to stimulate, engage, relax and provide enjoyment.
The wide variety of Apps include;
Interactive Quizzes
Scenes and sounds from nature
Social games with rising difficulty & rewards
Nostalgic themes and music to stimulate discussion and reminiscence therapy
App Menu
Simple visual menu screen
Easy navigation
Instant App selection
Colour theming
Notes and tips displayed

Remote Control
Simple on/off power
Up/down arrows to navigate
Ok to select an App
Freeze button to halt interaction
Up/down volume control
There are 3 versions of the omiVista interactive system, all fully self-contained, versatile and designed for immediate use at the touch of a button.
Every system comes pre-loaded with the Care Suite, with a large variety of Apps and a simple remote control for instant App selection.

Those with learning disabilities, age-related diseases, mental health issues or other physical health concerns need opportunities to actively;
- Take part rather than passively watch
- Socialize and enjoy activities working together
- Stretch, compete, think and be challenged
- In those who have used our systems, professionals have witnessed positive changes in;
- Emotional stability
- Mood/outlook
- Sense of self-worth/belonging
- Physical effort/energy
- Social involvement
- Ability to share and enjoy