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About SensoryOne
A Division of Xlent Care Products
Here at SensoryOne we are able to offer you that personal touch you've been looking for.  

We provide an unrivaled range of sensory products to meet your every need and achieve the full potential of your environment together with professional knowledge, experience and service.   Multi-Sensory Environments are used by people of all ages and all abilities for relaxation, focused work, stimulation, control, massage, aromatherapy, reminiscence work, physiotherapy, communication and stress relief.  Other uses continue to appear as needs change and new practices are developed.   Whatever the purpose, it is important that the best possible environment is designed and built appropriate to the users' particular needs.

We know you will not find better products, price or service than what we offer.  All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and standards and are backed by a 1 or 2 year manufacturer guarantee.   Exceptional designs, safety, durability, ease of use and customer care are what make us stand apart.  You will have a uniquely positive experience with our company.
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